Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Joy Offering

A Fifty-Fifty Gift

When you give to this offering you give two ways!
The Christmas Joy Offering helps fund the Assistance Program of the Board of Pension, which provides current and retired church workers with help they need to get through life's unexpected challenges.  Those who have given their lives in leadership in our denomination have unexpected needs arise that cannot be met by their fixed incomes.
Through this offering, we can say "thank you for your sacrificial leadership."  In 2013, Income Supplements from the Board of Pension s helped 304 households and 287 households received housing supplements.
The offering also supports education at Presbyterian-related racial ethnic school and colleges, promoting a commitment to higher learning and leadership development for all students regardless of race or economic standing.  Many of the students attending Presbyterian-related racial ethnic colleges are the first in their families to enroll in higher education.
"Presbyterians who contribute (to this offering) should know that no matter how big or small the donation, they are doing something good.  It's more than an opportunity for education, it's an opportunity to expose a child to the Christian faith."
                                                               Patricia Hsu Payan
Offering will be received December 21st