Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rural Harvest Offering

Here is an opportunity to share in three areas of ministry in our Presbytery:

1.  Partners in El Salvador.  One third of this offering is designated to support this long-time partnership between Iowans and Salvadorans, working together to bring hope and opportunity to the campesinos in the Berlin cantones.

2.  Partners in Iowa.  Thousands of children go hungry every day in Iowa.  Children in rural communities are not immune to hunger, and often do not have convenient access to assistance programs.  The United Christian-Presbyterian church in Bedford, IA has provided nutritious food items and snacks to sustain 32 students every weekend.  When kids eat well over the weekend, they go back to school prepared to learn.

3.  Partners in Egypt.  Attention is given to improve education for children with disabilities and issues dealing with children at risk, namely street children.

This offering is administered by the Presbytery's Compassion, Peace, and Justice Task Force with minimal expense incurred for printing materials which means your gift goes directly to where the help is needed.

Your generosity is welcomed by God!
The Rural Harvest Offering will be collected on Sunday, October 5, 2014