Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sole Hope

In Africa, there is a tiny flea called jiggers or sand fleas and they reproduce by attaching themselves to warm-blooded mammals.  Once found, she burrows in looking for blood and her first choice is unprotected feet.  At first, there is no pain until a blister is formed.  The longer the flea is in her host, the more painful and difficult it is to walk.  Eventually, this female flea produces literally hundreds of eggs, which hatch more fleas, which preside in the same host and the cycle continues, until the host is no longer able to walk.  So what can be done?  Something so simple and so easy as cutting material.

On September 21st, we are inviting everyone to join us during fellowship hour to do just that!  We will have the pattern, all we need from you is to bring quilting cotton, denim material, pinking shears and regular sewing scissors.  Once the fabric has been cut, Two Rivers will be given what we have completed and mail on to the women in Uganda, so they can sew together the shoes.  The children who have their feet cleaned and fleas removed will be given a new pair of shoes, so that the cycle can be broken.

We will have people who will help you with any questions you may have during the cutting process and trust me, this is a very easy project.

If you're interested in what other ways you can help Sole Hope help the children, check out the display in Fellowship Hall.  There are other supplies that are needed after the fleas have been removed such as bandages, tape, etc.  Any questions can be directed to Dorothea Trotter.

For more information on Sole Hope, visit their website at: